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This insert injection molding processing technology characte

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Insert molding (insert molding) refers to in the mould in advance preparation of different material after insert into resin, molten material and insert joint curing, make integration product molding methods.

  Base on injection molding (out - sert molding) refers to the metal panel of local injection on von berg systeme embedded methods.


  The above two molding methods is essentially the same. Its characteristics are as follows.


  1. Resin easy formability, bending rigidity and metal rigidity, strength and heat resistance of mutual combination can be strong to supplement made complex exquisite metal plastic integration products.


  2. Especially the use of the resin insulation and metal word electrical combination, make molding product can meet the basic function of electrical products.


  3. More insert prior molding combination, make product unit combination of engineering more reasonable.


  4. Insert product not limited to metal, also have cloth, paper, wires, plastic, glass, wood, line in sha-lu category, electrical parts, etc.


  5. For rigid molding products, rubber seal plate on the bending elastic molding products, through the matrix on injection molding is made after integration products, it saves the arrangement in sha-lu seal the complex operation, making process automation combination after more easily.


  6. Because it is melting materials and metal insert of the joint, and press in forming method comparison, metal insert clearance can design more narrow, composite product molding reliability higher..


  7. The choice of appropriate resin and forming condition, that is for easy - shaped damaged products (such as glass, coil category, electrical parts, etc.), through the resin also can seal fixed.


  8. The choice of appropriate die structure, insert product also can be completely seal in resin inside.


  9. Insert molding, after to core hole processing, also can be made into 帯 have hollow grooves products.


  10. Vertical injection molding machine and manipulator, insert product array device of combination, insert molding engineering mostly can realize automatic production.

  Automatic insert molding system design choice the matters needing attention

  1. Metal insert molding easy to produce molding shrinkage inhomogeneity, prior to do important parts of the shape, size precision of the limit test.


  2. Injection process metal insert easy deformation and shift, should give full consideration to mould structure and easy to maintain metal insert mould shape design. To insert shape can't change products, prior test is indispensable.


  3. Metal insert arrangement separation and use conveyor of the occasion, metal insert, and between insert and vibration ball contact, can make the insert surface produces slight damage, and affect the quality of products. Should be prior confirm the quality allowable limit range.


  4. Should be prior determination metal insert for stamping process and cause jagged, warping quantity, material thickness difference, diameter difference, apply gold processing caused by poor thickness. Based on the automation equipment supporting selection of design and die structure design.


  5. Mold gate location method, forming period and so on restrict mold structure predictable matters, as far as possible prior to solve or have the corresponding improvement countermeasures.


  6. Shall confirm the metal insert if you need preheating and drying process. Purpose is to guarantee the quality of the product and forming stability.


  7. Die set within the various testing device, in order to in the mold and heating, force, vibration and other environmental conditions influence, ensure forming action stability and use, should confirm whether use.


  8. To avoid metal insert, molding product subtle sheet piling up in mold cavity, necessary for blowing device can be assembled.


  9. Due to the system the equipment investment high price, the former should fully consider can ensure equipment after the operation of production. Using the special occasions, it is necessary to ensure that products in the several years no form update can continuous production lemmas.


  10. Adopt universal machine occasions, need to confirm many varieties little batch insert how many kind of combination production. If, on the whole, cannot assure mass production, 毎 a product of fixed assets recovery is difficult. This kind of situation, the need to change the part of the device can be within the scope of certain and adapted to the requirement of renewal varieties.


  11. Decided to insert molding rate, productive cost and forming conditions of metal insert product accuracy, insert shape, mould whether it helps insert forming and molding product shape and so on the many kinds of factors and technology of coincidence.


  12. Injection machine, mold, automation equipment of the effective combination and how to function in a short time, it is decided to be automatic insert molding system key. Suggestions please and there are quite a performance and experience manufacturers choose where consultation.