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Injection molding defect mechanism and solution

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 Injection molding process is an involved in mould design, mould making, raw material characteristic and raw material pretreatment method, the forming process, the injection molding machine operation and so on various factors, and and processing environment conditions, products cooling time, post-processing technology closely related to the complex manufacturing processes. Therefore, the product quality was good ring will not only depends on the injection molding machine, injection precision measuring accuracy, or just by the quality of mould design and mould processing accuracy level decision, usually, it also will be affected by the above the effects of other factors and restriction.

       In so many compound factor constraints, injection molding products the emergence of defects is unavoidable, then, to seek the inner mechanism of the defects and forecast products may produce defect position and type, and used to guide mould design and improvement, inductive defect of law, make more reasonable process operating conditions are particularly important. We will influence from the injection molding processing process of plastic material characteristics, mould structure and injection molding technology and injection equipment three main factors to illustrate injection molding defect mechanism and solution.

       Injection molding products common defect classification

       Injection molding process of plastic raw materials used in varied, mould design type and form is multifarious, in addition, operating workers for specific injection molding machine familiar degree between the workers and the operation skill, practice experience differences are also each are not identical, at the same time, the objective environment (such as environmental temperature, humidity, air clean degree) will also with seasonal change and different, the objective and subjective conditions common determines the injection molding products defect generation.

       Generally speaking, for plastic products quality performance evaluation mainly has three aspects:

       First, the appearance quality, including integrity, color, luster;

       Second, size and relative position accuracy between, namely dimensional accuracy and position accuracy,

       Third, and use the corresponding mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, namely functional

       Therefore, if because of the above three aspects of a part of any problems, will cause the product defect generation and expansion.

       Injection molding products common defect classification

       Appearance defects:

       Crazing color weld process problems:

       Flash performance problems:

       Warping embrittlement