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The necessity of the production plant

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Inspection appearance design

    Plank is not only visible, and it is tangible, he can be very intuitive to physical form the designer's ideas reflected, to avoid the "draw out good-looking and do not good-looking" malpractice. Therefore hand-board model manufacture in new product development, product appearance threshing process is indispensable.

Test structure design

    Because plank is assembly, so it can be intuitive reflect structure reasonable or not, the ease of installation. Facilitate early detection and solve problems.

Avoid direct open mould risk

    Because of the cost of the mould manufacturing generally high, larger mould value hundreds of thousands and even millions, if the open mould process found unreasonable structure or other problems, its loss cans be imagined. And hand-board model manufacture, can avoid this kind of loss, reduce the die risk.

Make the product available time well in advance

    Because of the advanced production plant, you can in the mold developed using premium products before for propaganda, and even the sales, production preparation work, occupy the market as soon as possible.