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Mould industry in our country situation

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With China's accession to the world trade organization, the integration of the global economy, China's traditional industry is bound to the system produce a great impact. We must reform the traditional operation mode, to adapt to the market. To participate in the international competition, must in the information form of communication and means and the international community, & NBSP; As is known to all, electronic commerce is representing the future trade development direction, but also the economic development and progress of a trend. In the market competition gradually deep period, enterprise innovation ability, more and more become an important part of enterprise competitiveness, information resource is becoming more and more to become the enterprise strategic resources.

       China's mold enterprise are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, from a well-run enterprise grow up and even at present there are still many mould enterprise is a well-run management, in the mold delivery time, cost, quality control problems are constantly. In the face of the fierce market competition, the backward management means and level, make the mould enterprises in the management and technical personnel only on the fly.

       Therefore, mold manufacturing enterprises to improve the management level, with quick response and timely adjustment ability, does not have a set of advanced management system implementation management informatization is very hard to do. Through the informatization construction, realizes the mould manufacturing. The so-called information mould enterprise, is in the mold enterprise application of INTERNET, ERP and information technology, the mould enterprise and downstream business process, technical communication process, and mold enterprise internal business management process, IT forms a fixed down, and finally to improve mould enterprise management level, and improve the efficiency of the mould enterprise operation.

       In the eighty s, the means of mold manufacturing is mainly dependent on the ordinary machinery processing equipment, for complex shape of mold is rely on bench skills to complete, excellent tool maker in the mold enterprise within a decisive role, the focus of competition is who has the ability to produce the mould. By the ninety s, CAD/CAM technology, CNC processing technology and processing EDM technology gradually is widely used to create mold is not problem, CAD/CAM technology and numerical control technology application level is the main content of the measure of mold, mold development is the first change. Mould enterprise management mode have changed, the management also appears more and more important. In the 21st century, network technology, computer applications IT technology rapid development, as well as computer technology application cost greatly reduced, the speed of the network, network application to the rapid popularization of and so on all this description information era will soon arrival, who can have the initiative, take the initiative, as soon as possible the IT technology applied to mold enterprise, who can in the market, and improve enterprise core competitive ability advantage.

       At present, the CAD/CAM technology promotion already by "jilt board" into the stage to deepen the application stage. CAPP technology application, can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise process preparation and accuracy; The application of PDM system, can to product development data for effective management; MIS/ERP system application, can radically reduce the enterprise cost, and improve production and management efficiency. Between these systems to realize information integration and function to cooperate, and gradually realize the comprehensive information, has become the CAD/CAM technology to deepen the theme of the application, & NBSP; The development of mould is the second change.

       The establishment of the network enterprise, generally speaking, is based on the INTERNET technology and computer management technology, and combined with EPR, CRM, SCM, PM technology, and some industry standard specification. Through the INTERNET technology, mould enterprise can establish contact with customers both at home and abroad, to develop a broader market; For the enterprise and the domestic and foreign customers business, technical communication, Establishing the enterprise and customer interface between. ERP technology to help enterprises to standardize the management and internal business process and improve mould enterprise management level; And greatly optimization and shorten the enterprise internal process and increase the competitive power. The INTERNET technology and ERP technology combine, it could still realize remote different office, enhances the enterprise the rapid reaction ability, more effective management enterprise. CRM technology can help mould enterprises to strengthen management of customer relationship, to the needs of customers to make rapid response and processing. SCM technology to help mould enterprises to strengthen the management of suppliers, and further reduce the purchasing cost and develop more supply channel, etc.

       Mold is a typical according to order single production industry, each order to carry on the detailed with the customer's business and technology communication, otherwise will have serious consequences. Below are mould enterprise and customer information communication inadequate example: a large mold factory to undertake a Japan's new customers die order, the Japanese customers used to order issued, and the design of the mold factory personnel detailed technical communication, to the mold put forward very meticulous design requirements, mold factory according to the requirements for design can, do not need to confirm the design drawing. And mold factory design personnel to complete the design, still meet the United States according to before the habit of customer orders, waiting for the client confirms that the design reorder formwork and materials, has been waiting for ten days, just know customers don't need to make sure that the drawings. As a result, this set of mold extended by 10 days, the customer is not satisfied, never order, for this lost a very potential customers.

       Visible, with customers and the enterprise internal information communication even a little careless mistake, will be caused heavy loss to the enterprise. The information management system will be able to help mould enterprises better information communication with customers. In the customer information and communication by the use of computer network platform and network conference system implement and customer without borders real-time collaborative, through the conference center powerful function to realize remote collaborative work, greatly improving the work efficiency. In the information system by providing detailed mold technology communication template (template fully with the international mold industry standards), convenience and customer detailed technical communication, reduce the mold modification work