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China mold and die industry development and strategic focus

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In the new and high technology booming today, to ensure that belong to high and new technology industrial mold industry rapid development, mould industry in many generic technology must also be a yet higher goal, should constantly development and application, and actively application of high and new technology. They mainly is to develop with independent intellectual property rights, suitable for China's national conditions, with high level of mold design, processing and mould enterprise management software, and constantly improve the software of intelligence, integration degree. Popularization and application of high speed, high precision processing technology and development of the corresponding equipment. High speed high precision processing including cutting and electric processing and composite processing, etc. In the next 15 years of time, China machine tool industry should to mould industry gradually provide suitable for high speed high precision mold processing corresponding equipment, if possible, the proposal development with independent intellectual property rights, precision can reach 0.0001 mm high precision mold manufacturing equipment. Rapid prototyping and rapid economic mould manufacturing new technology further development, improve and application. Develop and promote informatization and digitization technology. For example, reverse engineering, concurrent engineering, agile manufacturing technology research and development and application of; Including large progressive die, high precision, high complexity, high technology content of advanced mold three-dimensional design and manufacturing technology research and development; Including stamping process design system, mold type surface design system, forming analysis system, mold structure design system, mould CAM system and stamping experts consultation system body mold digital design and manufacture system development; Die integration, flexible and automatic processing technology and network and virtual technology, etc. Mould manufacturing new craft, new technology. Mould manufacturing of energy and materials saving technology, mould heat treatment, thefamily processing and surface treatment of new technology, etc. The development of high performance die material and seriation and correct selection. China mold and die industry in addition to continue to increase production capacity, more in the future will focus on industry structure adjustment and technology to raise the level of development. Structural adjustment, mainly is the enterprise structure adjustment to specialization, product structure to high-grade mold development, to the improvement of import and export structure, the middle-grade automobile cover parts die forming analysis and structure improvement, multi-functional composite mould and composite processing and laser technology in mould design manufacturing application, high speed cutting, super finishing and polishing technology, informatization development direction