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Shenzhen alum source and mold plastic products co., LTD

Tooling department

Telephone: 0755-89932841

Fax: 0755-89593025, 0755-89932925

Mobile phone: 13609618046

E-mail: manager@china-kandy.com

Contact: Mr Cheng


Molding department

Telephone: 0755-89932841,

Fax: 0755-89593025, 0755-89932925

E-mail: sales@china-kandy.com

Contact: Mr. Yang



Telephone: 0755-89932841, 18929310176

Fax: 0755-89932925

E-mail: manager@china-kandy.com

Contact: Mr. Wang

Mr Cheng 13316800176


The factory address: ping town, longgang district, shenzhen jinbi road and block B, JinCongChun industrial park

The company address: shenzhen, shenzhen north east merit building, room 522